Monday, April 23, 2012

Re: Reference Point

Lately, I mean for the last few months, I've been spending time reflecting on reference points.  What does a person reference, what helps her/him determine, many of the decisions she/he makes?  Being an advid reader, it has allowed me exposure to many different and new ideas and concepts.  I mean, when i recommended my daughter to study law, it wasn't to join the firm, it had more to do with, 1.) studying English Literature, I read many of the young men studied law, not to be lawyers, but to take over the family estate.  That was the first time I had read anything like that; 2.) When you look at two of the most iconic figures in Black history, you can't dismiss they were both lawyers:  Barack Obama and Reginald Lewis.  These were my reference points.  If someone was to open a business, I would assume he/she would know the stories of Dell, Wal-mart, and a host of others.  In essence, I'm still getting at the joy-reason-of reading.  To be exposed to concepts or ideas that one may not find amongst the common minds.

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