Monday, December 12, 2011

Re: Re-examine

How do we interpret, "There should be a band among you...?" Where this calls the group to a moral obligation, what about the call beyond common sense to a good sense? Before the collective can orient itself, the individual has to come to define the influences that impress the multiple selfs that exist in his domain. It is fair to know the universal principles that govern nature; however, in what epoch do we use as a model; or, do we define our own. Do we study history or make it? Similar to the body, we must recognize the symtoms of those inherent germs that can contribut to a greater disease....

Friday, December 2, 2011

Organic Intellectual

I've recently finished a seminar where theorist; such as, Gramsci, Barthes, Foucualt, and other brilliant minds, were studied. I'm becoming more drawen to the notion of the organic intellectual which would represent a more Gramscian notion. How is this character defined? Where the masses can, and do, yell truth to power, what are they without that brain; that nucleus? I know this to be lacking in the Black community, the idea to develop minds. Not for the sake of a job, but for the purpose of challenging old concepts and developing new ones. Moving the group beyond the primitive philosophy of religion, and moving them to a higher realm of conceptualization.