Saturday, November 24, 2012

An Enemy to Islam

I was called an 'Enemy to Islam.  This was from my continuously disparaging remarks about the faith.  My response is this: my remarks are not against the 'ideal' of Islam: the imaginary image that the believers hold so dear to the Creator and His chosen prophets; however, my charge is against this artificial construct, which parades around behind the veil of humanism.  My charge is against the Arabization, the cultural imposition, of a language and the trace it leaves from the psychological dent.  Islam, as an imaginary ideal, represents the best of any culture.  In other words, it calls one to bring out the best in his custume: it calls the Jew to be the best Jew, the Black-American to be the best Black-American, the Mexican and Asian to be the best their presented state.  It doesn't mean to re-present, mis-re-present, disfigure, displace, dismember these ideas in the name of Mohammedanism.