Thursday, March 22, 2012

Re: A Genuine Concern

When I speak about a genuine concern, I'm talking about the desire to want someone to shine. The desire for one to achieve excellence. People are always there to wish a person good luck, to offer prayers, and maybe even give monetary assistance; however, we never find those that can actually make a person's journey easy. To see a lawyer walk a young law student right through the LSAT; to see a professor aid and assist an English major on through pass the GRE. There exist a myth that it has to be a struggle. A deep idea that one may appreciate the journey more if she does it on her on.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Re: Those Missed Moments

Due to various reasons, we miss those crucial lessons in life. We neglectfully lose the bricks that allow a whole development. When we write a sentence, we struggle to find the better word; however, we know it's there. The present pop-culture is the acceptance of mediocrity. I don't see the genuine concern for one's brother or sister. I don't mean the feeding of the homeless; the religious serve that purpose while they're working to save the soul. I'm referring to the call to one for excellence; that human concern that doesn't destroy the dynamics in a young, or old, mind.