Monday, December 12, 2011

Re: Re-examine

How do we interpret, "There should be a band among you...?" Where this calls the group to a moral obligation, what about the call beyond common sense to a good sense? Before the collective can orient itself, the individual has to come to define the influences that impress the multiple selfs that exist in his domain. It is fair to know the universal principles that govern nature; however, in what epoch do we use as a model; or, do we define our own. Do we study history or make it? Similar to the body, we must recognize the symtoms of those inherent germs that can contribut to a greater disease....

Friday, December 2, 2011

Organic Intellectual

I've recently finished a seminar where theorist; such as, Gramsci, Barthes, Foucualt, and other brilliant minds, were studied. I'm becoming more drawen to the notion of the organic intellectual which would represent a more Gramscian notion. How is this character defined? Where the masses can, and do, yell truth to power, what are they without that brain; that nucleus? I know this to be lacking in the Black community, the idea to develop minds. Not for the sake of a job, but for the purpose of challenging old concepts and developing new ones. Moving the group beyond the primitive philosophy of religion, and moving them to a higher realm of conceptualization.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fighting Through Ignorance...

It's amazing that someone would approach me about taking a special interest in a young kid. We're not talking about in any type of pervert'd way, but a genuine concern for a young African-American kid. Reminding him to stay focused, and instilling in him the notion of endless possibilities. That someone would say to me, "Maybe you shouldn't do that. That it may be a bit awkward." I can't recall on one hand the people that suggest'd I strive to reach my zenith as a person; nor, can I remember any parents questioning me about my intent with their daughter. There was no special interest; no genuine concern. Interesting!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Death of Osama

I had to reflect, without being emotional, on the death of Osama bin Laden. Do I look at this from the lens of an American, Muslim, or American of African descent? I came to the conclusion that, although this represents a psychological victory for America, this so-called Judeo-Christian place; and I applaud our Commander in Chief President Obama and that this was accomplished under his watch, for me, the bigger war is represented by the systematic attack on the African- American male youth. I know the challenge that existed, and still does, for me to come to some type of constructive thought; to come to know and understand the 15th Amendment and the privilege that comes with that; and until this is brought to the forefront of the consciousness of these youths; then, the fight, the war, the violence of the letter, still exist. How do we bring these kids truly to know the idea of endless possibilities? To know that the minority are those that strive for excellence and not settle for mediocrity like the masses.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Re: Preparation

I'm up reflecting on are we truly preparing our kids - as well as ourselves - for the future and what that entails. If we're sending them to school with the antiquated idea of getting a job we're setting them up for failure....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Reflection

I'm thinking a lot more about Psychology of a Mark. It's like Naipaul's father is talking to me. It's becoming the only object to enjoy dialogue with....

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Jewish Brother

I don't know is where I've found myself on this road The negro street was a neighborhood off Fairfax The exposure screw'd me up; however, I'm cool I am alone next to the generously insane They think they know....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Influence of Derrida

Presently, I'm reading three criticisms: Post-Modernism, Deconstructionism, and Post-Structuralism, all influenced by J. Derrida. Post-Modernism represents his arguement against Husserl (excuse the spelling if not correct); second, deconstruction argues, or debases, the foundation of a particular idea; third, we move Post-structuralism into social power. Looking at society today, and the economic crises, post-structuralism may have a place within a close reading of a given text. Is it possible to do a post-structuralist reading to the writings of Robert Beck? Can one say there's an invisible hand that played a part in Iceberg Slims choice to pimping? Without a doubt! Man, to a degree, can be put into a situation where his/her actions can be predicted. Leave a man in a room with a live rat and no food. How long before he's forced to eat the rat? That's an extreme stituation; however, one can see the point. If we transfer that signification, and i use that rather than universal-into the pragmatics of todays society we can see how one is compelled to move in a limited direction.

The Monopoly on Islam

Why do we hear, throughout the local communities, the same voices narrating their ideas of Islam? I believe it is a type of rhetoric to keep the people, the communities, sleep. I think it would be healthy for the communities, as well as, healthy for Islam if there was a type of round table that allowed others to elucidate their opinion on the condition of Islam and where we're at....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Impoverished Model

I'm beginning, to a degree, to understand the idea of pragmatism. This notion of considering the model that we move on and its practical application in this life. What do I mean by practical application? The understanding of the faith we have an affinity towards and does it work? Is it primitive versus progressive? Reading Professor West....