Monday, March 28, 2011

My Jewish Brother

I don't know is where I've found myself on this road The negro street was a neighborhood off Fairfax The exposure screw'd me up; however, I'm cool I am alone next to the generously insane They think they know....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Influence of Derrida

Presently, I'm reading three criticisms: Post-Modernism, Deconstructionism, and Post-Structuralism, all influenced by J. Derrida. Post-Modernism represents his arguement against Husserl (excuse the spelling if not correct); second, deconstruction argues, or debases, the foundation of a particular idea; third, we move Post-structuralism into social power. Looking at society today, and the economic crises, post-structuralism may have a place within a close reading of a given text. Is it possible to do a post-structuralist reading to the writings of Robert Beck? Can one say there's an invisible hand that played a part in Iceberg Slims choice to pimping? Without a doubt! Man, to a degree, can be put into a situation where his/her actions can be predicted. Leave a man in a room with a live rat and no food. How long before he's forced to eat the rat? That's an extreme stituation; however, one can see the point. If we transfer that signification, and i use that rather than universal-into the pragmatics of todays society we can see how one is compelled to move in a limited direction.

The Monopoly on Islam

Why do we hear, throughout the local communities, the same voices narrating their ideas of Islam? I believe it is a type of rhetoric to keep the people, the communities, sleep. I think it would be healthy for the communities, as well as, healthy for Islam if there was a type of round table that allowed others to elucidate their opinion on the condition of Islam and where we're at....