Saturday, January 16, 2010


My daughter and I shared a moment this evening discussing higher education. The topic of home schooling came up in the conversation. She asked the question, or made the statement, "Would I want to be the teacher if she was to become home school'd?" After reflecting for a moment, I responded, "I may not be able, or qualified, to teach you in certain subjects; however, without someone giving you some understanding on how to connect most subjects with life, then you'll be as lost as the rest. And that I'm qualified to do." Regardless how high one learns the discipline of mathematics, the absolute principles that math covers, if one cannot connect it with the tax game of economics, then there doesn't exist any understanding. Or if one learns the subject of English, but doesn't have the fortitude, or will, to give up one of the classics, not for entertainment, but to gain insight from the original source....

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm considering beginning to write (type) more essays. For the purpose of self-revelation. To act as a medium for dialectical discourse with self. I must start considering more my part in the negotiations with events. That which validates my existence, my Being.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Sublimity

My hijrah must be more than just from bad to good; too, it must be from the vulgar to the sublime. What has dwarf'd man's ideas of greatness? Why has he settled for soundness in his mediocrity versus risk to attain his natural state. I know with certainty that there was no mediocrity in the ocean. Man with the state of doubt grapples. I must conceptualize my writing to a corpus; however, in it beget life. Allow the true geniuses to be the judge...

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Social Contract

I'm presently reading Rousseau's The Social Contract and coming to understand the origin of our Constitution. Not just our Constitution, however, the origin of a constitution established to be in accords with man's natural state. How does one think so profound to come up with his own thought? Not to be influenced by anyone before? What does it take to go there? Socrates discussing the oak tree is my experience with the vastness of the ocean. It said, "Know not mediocrity." I have to get away from being afraid to let restraints go...To truly be classified as a free man. Allowing the only authority to be reason.