Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coming into Wholeness!

I'm more coming to learn-to understand-that my journey is about coming into wholeness. Bringing the parts together and coming to terms with with who I am. Now this trip begins. Going into this new year I anticipate being much more cognizant of time. Being more responsible, more free, and more accountable.

Cultural Studies...

Presently, I'm reading authors that have influenced the discipline of Cultural Studies. I believe it is within the framework of Post Colonial Studies; furthermore, I've begun to spend some intimate time in the reading of Adler's How To Read A Book. He brings back the memory of when I recieved a letter from a girlfriend during my incarceration. I don't think-I know I haven't-read anything as intimate as I had read the letters from her. I read the letters over and over in every way. I studied the letters, the choice of words, and even how she punctuated the sentences. I'm realizing, this is reading. Not just trying to understand what she was saying, however, trying to empathize with what she was experiencing and trying to express, or communicate, through these symbols of words.

National Consciousness

I just finish'd reading Fanon's The Pitfalls of National Consciousness taken from The Wretched of the Earth. The picture that Fanon delineated I see so vividly in the African-American/Black Islamic Community; that underdeveloped nation, that gained its independence, but lacks the vision, the power, the intellect, that brought its colonizer into power. Are they conscious of the literature of combat? Resistance? I see that intermediary, that host, that has taken its position in line. I'm slowly coming to know my position as a revolutionary intellectual; however, still, I must define my own existence.